A Regional Personalized Provider

Enthusiasts who pick up a gun know just how serious a responsibility it is. While some of us train as if we're going into combat, the reality is that we hope we're never in a situation where our lives are in danger and we have to resort to using a firearm to protect us.  The vast majority of us simply enjoy the fun and the sport of shooting.

In the United States, we have access to many firearm platforms and a massive inventory of accessories from manufacturers and the aftermarket industry.  Our role at SASMAN Sales LLC is to bridge the gap between products in the USA and customers in the Caribbean by building relationships with manufacturers & distributors in the USA and individual firearm owners, firearm dealers, law enforcement and customs enforcement on the islands.

Having operated in the Caribbean we understand the complication for the Dealer of getting that one customized aftermarket item from the USA for a single client especially when the Dealer doesn't have a relationship with the supplier.  For the Dealer, it's not profitable and for the customer, it's expensive not to mention the complexity of US export laws.  We at SASMAN Sales solve that. 

We carry an inventory of popular accessories that customers in the Caribbean can order directly from our website if they are Members.  Additionally, Members​ can engage our personal shopping option and let us know what they want us to purchase for them.  Another option is that Members can purchase items themselves if the seller accepts their foreign credit cards and have the items shipped to us and we take care of the export paperwork to have the items legally exported from the United States and shipped to them.

This is a great way of giving Caribbean firearm owners access to the US firearms industry while satisfying the laws of the USA and the Caribbean nations where they reside all the while keeping prices affordable and logistics simple.  We can do this because of our understanding of the laws of both sides of the transaction as well as leveraging our relationships with the US firearms industry and our appreciation of the nuances of Caribbean business and government culture.  Simply put, we know how to get this done flawlessly.

By using our services you can enhance the functionality, safety and aesthetics of your firearms.  ​Sign up for membership and order what you need so that you can enhance your ownership experience and enjoy the use of your firearms.