Leaving Your Gun In The Car.

Is a car safe a good option for leaving a gun in your car ? What happens if they steal the car ? 

If you're going to the beach with your family, do you leave your gun in the car when you get to the beach or store it in a towel or in a bag or shoe buried under the sand ? What about just keeping it holstered and going into the water with it ?

Carrying a firearm is the equivalent of having the responsibility of an infant 24 hours a day. Every move and decision you make has to be done with careful consideration of many factors and there is no room for errors of judgment or mistakes.

Leaving Your Gun In The Car.

For first time gun owners there are scenarios that you’ll encounter that no one has bothered to prepare you for like the first time you have to use a public toilet, where do you put your gun and if you decided to put it on the toilet tank, how do you make sure you don’t forget it there.

Because of Covid, most of the after work lounges and nightclubs are closed but when they reopen, first time gun owners will discover that many of them don’t permit entry with a firearm. They’ll be faced with either abandoning plans for the night or leaving the firearm in their car.

In the USA that’s a completely legitimate thing to do with a firearm however that’s not the case in other jurisdictions. In the USA firearm thefts are up 60% and although I don’t have the statistics on how many of those thefts were from a car, the likelihood of a firearm being stolen from a car is much higher than from inside of a dwelling. It’s way too easy for criminals to break into a car and steal your firearm. There aren’t many spots in a car for a criminal to search and nine times out of ten they can find a firearm in a car.

A car mounted gun safe may be a solution to that problem. Car safes are increasing in popularity and improving in design, security and features. Most cannot be easily defeated and some are permanently bolted to the car and cannot be easily removed. But what happens if the thief decides to steal the car ?

In the event that your firearm is stolen, you need to know what’s required for reporting the theft of a firearm in your location. You may have to report the theft to multiple agencies and it’s important that you know the requirements and time sensitive deadlines ahead of time because failure to make a report may result in criminal charges against you.

Although you are not permitted to lodge a firearm in most police stations in the United States, most Caribbean countries permit you to lodge the firearm at any police station. When you do, they require you to clear the firearm at the designated sand pit and present it for inspection together with your concealed carry permit. The police officer will issue you with an official receipt for the firearm that bears the description of the firearm, the serial number and the number of magazines and rounds. The receipt may even describe the condition of the firearm. This is perhaps the second best option for handling a venue that doesn’t permit you to carry concealed on their premises. It’s secure and it’s free. The best option however is not supporting that establishment because they don’t support your right to defend yourself.

Plan ahead and find out whether the venue you’re heading to is a firearm friendly location. Your permit to carry concealed doesn’t override a venue’s right to block entry to armed patrons. If there are signs posted in a conspicuous location near the entrance and elsewhere, it may be considered trespassing while armed if you knowingly enter or remain in such premises while armed.

What do you do with your firearms when you leave the country ?

Answering that question depends on what the law in your location requires. Some require the firearms to be stored at your usual place of residence locked in a safe that only you have access to. Other jurisdictions require that the firearms be stored at the police station closest to where you live while others allow you to store the firearm at the police station closest to your port of departure. It’s important that you know what the legal requirements are for your location and ensure that you comply with those requirements.

Make the correct decision.

Personally I don't like the idea of leaving a gun in a car unattended but many folks have lots of confidence in their ability to hide things while others place their confidence in the security of a car safe. The objective is keeping your firearm out of the hands of criminals. So make a plan well in advance and execute it. Good luck!